ice cream cake
You can choose as many flavours as you like to make this ice cream cake. If it was my choice I would put chocolate at the bottom and black cherry on the top, those are my two most favourite ice cream flavours. But this cake wasn’t for me so I had to go for vanilla and I mixed in a little chopped up strawberries for the top layer. I used about 2 litres of ice cream to fill my 8 inch spring form pan.

Add the strawberries or whatever fruit you like just before serving, you don’t want to freeze them with the cake or they’ll be just like ice cubes. Ok I’ll admit it I put the strawberries on the cake and put it back in the freezer until we were ready to cut the cake, well it took a lot longer than I anticipated. We all had a little too much pizza so we put off desert for at least a couple hours and the strawberries were hard as a rock.

This cake needs at least an overnight freeze for the ice cream to freeze hard enough to hold its shape.

Keep this cake frozen after decorating with the whipped cream. Whipping cream, when its frozen, tastes almost like ice cream.


Big bag of Oreo cookies for cake bottom, for decoration, and for eating
2 litres (4 cups) ice cream
500 ml (2 cups) whipping cream 35%
1/2 cup icing sugar
Strawberries for decoration (or blueberries etc.)
Colored sprinkles


1.Line the inside of the 8 inch spring form pan with saran wrap, this will make it easy to lift out the frozen cake. Crush enough Oreos to cover the bottom of the cake pan with or without the cookie cream.
2.Let the ice cream soften just enough to be able to press the ice cream firmly on the crushed Oreos without leaving any air space. Not that it really matters if you have an air pocket; it just means someone just gets robbed of a bite of ice cream.
3.Fill the cake pan up to the top and smooth so the top is even.
4.Freeze overnight.
5.The next day when the ice cream is totally frozen, loosen the spring on the side of the cake pan and lift out the cake by pulling up with the saran wrap.
6.Whip up the whipping cream with the icing sugar until very stiff and spread all around the cake.
7.Decorate as desired.
8.Remove cake from freezer about 15 min. before serving, so that the cake will be easier to slice. But don’t let it start melting!

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