pizza baked on the barbeque
Just when I dropped the last topping on my homemade pizza, the power went out, DARN! (ok I really didn’t say that, but I want to keep my site family friendly, LOL)
I suggested we could go into town to pick up pizza, but everyone just curled up their noses in disgust, they love my pizza, what more can I say. We waited a while hoping the power would come back on but an hour later the hydro was still out and we were very hungry. It was pitch dark now,  only the light of some candles and a flashlight helped light the kitchen, and then it started pouring down rain.

With no real plan in mind, I started improvising. I had a stoneware pizza pan that I placed in the cold barbecue. It’s really important to place your stone in a cold barbecue or oven and heat the stone as the barbecue heats or it may crack and break from the shock.   When the barbecue reached about 500°F,  I lifted the pizza onto a piece of parchment paper, just to make it easy to lift and slid it with the parchment onto a large cutting board ( I now have a pizza lifter) and then slid it onto the hot pizza stone in the barbecue, parchment and all, and closed the lid. After a few minutes when the crust starts to firm up , you can pull out the parchment while holding back the pizza so it doesn’t come with.  I baked it with the lid down for about 15 min, checking every few minutes so it doesn’t burn.
Slide the pizza onto a large enough plate when done.

My pizza came out beautiful and tasty!

For a great homemade pizza recipe check out this site – Urban Whisk Basic Pizza Dough

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